The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Peter Hodges

Selling reality: the role of sound in creating narrative reality within animated film and visual effect sequences.

Abstract: Since the development of the sound film in 1927 the use of sound in animated entertainment has increased in sophistication, complementary with developments in creating the visual image. As filmmaking endlessly strives for increasingly sophisticated imagery, high definition projection and 3D stereoscopic presentation, does this equate to an emphasis of ‘reality’ in sound design for animated features and visual effect sequences? Or is there still the opportunity to celebrate the distinctiveness of this audio-visual medium? This paper discusses the evolution of the animation soundtrack, suggesting areas of consideration to maintain the unique relationship between sound and image in animated film.

Biographical statement: Peter Hodges is Head of Animation at the University of Glamorgan’s Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries. He established the now internationally recognised, Skillset accredited animation programme in 1993 and has lectured for twenty-two years in audio-visual practice, primarily in animation production and sound studies.