The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Rokhsareh Ghaem-Maghami

Mutually Inclusive: an investigation into the history of animation-documentary interaction in Iran
(preconstituted panel: Animating Iran: History, identity and the socially-motivated animation)

: Rokhsareh will be presenting a paper on the history of uses and interactions between the documentary and animation medium in Iran, focusing on some early examples of animated documentary. The paper attempts to provide a comprehensive investigation into the ‘functions’ of animated documentary in a 30 year period in Iran and the way it has undergone transformation during recent decades and eventually its current status within the emerging discourses of Iranian animation.

Iranian documentary filmmakers association, IRIDFA and Iranian House of Cinema have supported this trip and research.

Biographical statement:
Rokhsareh Ghaem-Maghami, is a documentary filmmaker and a researcher in film/animation aesthetics. Her MA dissertation has been published in Persian as a book, named: Animated Documentary, a New Way to Express (2008). Cyanosis (2007) is her first documentary. Complete with 10 minutes of animation sequences, the film illustrates how a poor street painter’s animated paintings shed light on his inner life, dreams, nightmares and memories. The film has been screened in more than 50 festivals all around the world and won more than 14 prestigious awards.