The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Sunday 11th July

9.20 – 10.35 Paper Sessions
Theory & Methodology
(Lecture Theatre) - Chair: Caroline Ruddell, St Mary's University College
• “The Three Ps in Coraline: Postfeminist, Psychoanalytic and Postmodernist approaches to the Animated Film” (Estefania Martinez, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)

• Lines of convergence: the rhetoric, materiality and disciplinarity of the line in defining ‘animation’ (Richard Stamp, Bath Spa University)
• Filmic Consciousness, Gendering Spacetime, and the Rupture of Animation (Mark Bartlett, Open University)

New Media
(Room J05) - Chair: Miriam Harris, Unitec, New Zealand
• Animation as New Media: or Ontological Quest for Animation Media Epistemology (Hee Holmen, IT University of Copenhagen)

• Subversive or Submissive? User-Produced Flash Cartoons and Television Animation (Michael Daubs, University of Western Ontario)

Animating Iran: History, identity and the socially motivated animation (Board Room)
• History in Black and White: personal story, petty history and political manifesto in Marjaneh Satrapi’s Persepolis comic books and its animated version (Fatemeh Hosseini-shakib (Chair), Tehran Art University)
• An animated mirror: Preliminary Thoughts on Iranian Socially Oriented Animation (Reza Yousefzadeh-Tabasi)
• Mutually Inclusive: an investigation into the history of animation-documentary interaction in Iran (Rokhsareh Ghaem-Maghami)

10.35 – 11.05 Coffee Break

11.05 – 12.45 Paper Sessions

Techniques (Lecture Theatre) - Chair: Harvey Deneroff, SCAD
• Liquid Color in Animation: Chromatic Paradoxes of Form and Abstraction (Kirsten Thompson, Wayne State University, Michigan)
• Unseen Hands: The Work of Stop Motion (Alice Gambrell, University of Southern California)

• Drawing Animation (Birgitta Hosea, Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London
• Bunraku’s Exploded View of Performance (Dan North, University of Exeter)

At Death’s Insistence: Theorising Animation and Death (Room J05)
• An Eclipsed Birth meets an Eclipsed Death (Janeann Dill, University of Alabama)
• It's Raining Coyotes: Death and/in the Chase (Michael Dow, New York University/ North Eastern University)
• The Lifeworld of Wall-E: A New Generation (Freida Riggs, Independent Scholar)
• (The) Death (of) the Animator, or: The Felicity of Felix, Part III: Death and the Death of Death (Alan Cholodenko, (Chair) University of Sydney)

(Board Room) - Chair: Amy Ratelle, Ryerson University
• "We're Asian, More expected of us!" Representation, The Model Minority and Whiteness on King of the Hill (Alison Loader, Concordia University, Montreal)
• The Transformation of the Teenage Image in Oshii Mamoru’s Sky Crawlers (Gan Sheuo Hui, Kyoto University)

• “Masculinity Between Animation and Live Action, or, SpongeBob v. Hasselhoff” (Shannon Brownlee, Dalhousie University, Halifax)

• Animating Disability:Screening and discussion (Shira Avni, Concordia University Montreal)

12.45 – 14.15 Lunch (to include SAS AGM)

14.15 – 15.55 Paper Sessions

Music and Sound
(Room J05) - Chair: Richard Leskosky, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• The Role of the Minimalist Musical Aesthetic in the Line Films of Norman McLaren (Aimee Mollaghan, University of Glasgow)
• Silence,Sound and Music: theories of animated listening (Ross Winning, University of Wolverhampton)

• Selling reality: the role of sound in creating narrative reality within animated film and visual effect sequences (Peter Hodges, University of Glamorgan)

• AUDIOMATION: Animation Film Music in the Brave New Era (Rebecca Coyle, Southern Cross University, Australia)

Cross Platforms (Board Room) - Chair: Maria Lorenzo Hernandez, Universidad Politecnica De Valencia
• The Darwinian rise of Urban Kinetics (Carol MacGillivray, Thames Valley University)
• Expanded Cinema in animation (Martina Bramkamp, Kingston University & London College of Communication)

• The Experimental Cross-over (James Snazell, Edge Hill University)

Documentary (Lecture Theatre)
- Chair: Bella Honess Roe, University of Surrey
• Who’s Out There: Halas, the Relevance of Oral Traditions and the Animated Documentary (Charles daCosta, SCAD)
• “Reenactment, the Fantasmatic, and the Animated Documentary” (Steve Fore, City University of Hong Kong)
• The Animated Documentary as Masking – When Exposure and Disguise Converge (Nea Erlich, University of Edinburgh)

• “I don't know anything about it”: Waltz With Bashir and Slaughterhouse-Five (Jeff Marker, Gainesville State College)

15.55 – 16.25 Coffee Break

16.25 – 17.25 Keynote – Paul Wells (Lecture Theatre) - Chair: Van Norris, University of Portsmouth

17.25 – 17.55 Closing remarks & goodbyes (Lecture Theatre)