The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Martina Bramkamp

Expanded Cinema in animation

Abstract: This paper will discuss and debate, through an innovative range of undergraduate student projects, ways in which Expanded Cinema has proved a valuable tool in the crafting, editing, presenting, reviewing, and remaking of moving image with particular focus on animation in its physical, virtual and hybrid forms. ‘Live’ projects - collaborations with industry clients and employers - have become a core component of the curriculum. Such projects create opportunities to work in a ‘real’ professional context and provide an environment of flexibility and innovation, which challenges and facilitates experimental work. This co-operative participation reflects the essence of how we support the potential for testing, trashing and refashioning moving image in the spirit of Expanded Cinema.

Biographical statement:
Martina Bramkamp studied Communication Design and Animation in Germany before graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Animation. She lives in London and is a Senior Lecturer on the BA Illustration/Animation course at Kingston University and the BA and FdA Animation courses at the London College of Communication.
Martina works in commercial film making as a freelance animator and storyboard artist, and has exhibited her illustration work, moving image installations, photography and sculptures in Britain and Germany.