The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Hee Holmen

Animation as New Media: or Ontological Quest for Animation Media Epistemology

In the h
yped world of New Media, animation technologies are the nuts and bolts of digital arts. The changes brought by digital technology forces anyone involved to reconsider the fundamental question, in my opinion, that never got a clear answer: what is animation and what is New Media? I believe that ontological questions about animation have been largely over-shadowed by its technology. If one separates animation media and animation technology, what would define animation media? In this paper, I wish to examine the historical view that defined animation media, and its relation with New Media.

Biographical statement:
Hee Holmen is an artist-researcher in animation media, and has a MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Experimental Animation, and the second MA from Film Science at Norwegian Technical University. Holmen has been teaching universities in Norway, USA, and Denmark, and currently teaches computer animation at IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Holmen's present research project is Digital Comix, evolution of comics and animation as New Media.