The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

James Snazell

The Experimental Cross-Over

paper I want to present will look at the relationship, by way of convergence and distinction, between non-commercial abstract experimental animation and what can be described as animation/motion graphics done for commercial purposes and which can be seen from an angle of abstract animation. With these two sides facilitating each other, with the development of models of working and thinking that fail to recognise such a polarity. Hopefully this paper will raise discussion of an analysis of how far this evolution is possible and what the development of those working models are and what they can be. The paper will also look to develop discussion over whether such a relationship hasn’t changed in the sense of whether there has always been a distinct relationship and cross-over between commercial and non-commercial animation.

Biographical statement:
As an animator I am as often influenced or intrigued by a piece of motion graphic/animation that I have seen on TV/Film as part of an advert, TV ident, or intro for a Film or TV programme and done for commercial purposes. As I am influenced or intrigued by seeing experimental animation done for non-commercial purposes. An aspect of my research agenda and experience is the way in which abstract experimental animation and film including motion graphics relates to and crosses over with media seen in popular culture.