The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Lynne Perras

The Golden Ages of Animation: Diverse Origins in Canada and the U.S.

his paper will compare and contrast the origins of animation in Canada and the U.S. From a historical and cultural perspective, I will examine the development of animation in Canada and the U.S., and compare the influences that have created the industries that both nations currently enjoy. It will be seen that national psychology, politics, and governmental presence all played a significant role in determining the kinds of animation found in Canada and the U.S. in the first half of the twentieth century. Interestingly enough, these same influences continue to impact the animation of both countries even today.

Biographical statement:
Lynne Perras teaches in Canadian Studies in the Faculty of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary. Her research areas are Canadian animation, Canadian humour, and hockey history and culture in Canada. She is also the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the Undergraduate Programs Office.