The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Mark Chavez and Liu Lin Yi

From Active to Proactive: New Opportunities for Real-time Simulation in Animation

is paper will seek to discuss the aesthetics of animation, in particular, how and why animated imagery influences the viewer. In addition we will discuss our attempts at defining a visual language with contemporary animation toolsets. Our aspiration is to determine if a methodology that dynamically manipulates the visual nature of a cinematic work of art is capable of bending it's aesthetic according to a diagrammatic template. We will discuss the historical context for these kinds of systems and project where this technology and opportunity for defining a new intimate aesthetic may lead.

Biographical Statement: An animation industry expert, academic and researcher, Mark's interests are in emergent computer animation techniques including synthetic sculpture, motion and related forms in popular culture. His research interests are in characterization and storytelling with real-time and rendered imagery exploring visual and behavioural representation in the animated form; including the creation of intelligent animated forms with richness in personality and emotive evocative states that are flexible enough to respond to the viewer within a predetermined simulated performance. With a focus on visual aspects of artistic research, he is currently conducting basal studies in the emotive impact of non-objective imagery. He plans to leverage his findings into more aspects of visual narrative and storytelling.

Liu Linyi is a Research Associate in School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University. Her current research area includes theories of interactive narratives and storytelling, audience’s anticipation and perception as well as player’s role in an interactive storytelling environment. She is also interested in the ontological relationship between video game and linear cinematic narratives. As a researcher with strong background of Film and Communication Studies, she is endeavouring to seek interdisciplinary approaches for contemporary animation studies and dynamic cinematic experience.