The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Raz Greenberg

The Israeli Animation of Jewish Tradition in "The Animated Haggadah"

Abstract: The paper examines the Israel television special "The Animated Haggadah" (1985), directed by Rony Oren. The special remains a rare example of Israeli animation that managed to become successful both in the international market, and among Israeli audience. The Animated Haggadah" is also a unique example for Israeli animation that builds upon and links between the visual tradition of both Jewish and Israeli cultures. Using clay models, the animated special dramatizes both the text and the different rituals related to the Passover holiday feast, linking Israeli modern life with the traditional Jewish tale of exile, exodus, and return to the homeland.

Biographical Statement:
Raz Greenberg is a PhD student at the Communication Studies Department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His research aims at building an overall theoretical framework for animation, focusing on the definition of animation as text, and the analysis of such text. In addition, Raz also researches how Jewish culture – in Israel and around the world – has influenced the development of comics and animation in the media.