The 22nd Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference

Samantha Moore

Animating unique brain states: The animated documentary and ‘psychorealism’

This paper will look at the ways in which animated documentary can represent unique brain states, such as synaesthesia or autism, in the work of Tim Webb, Paul Vester and the author’s own work with neuro-psychologist Dr Jamie Ward for the Wellcome Trust. It looks at the challenges of working with unique brain states and the ways in which the information collected can be verified. It also questions whether animation is the primary vehicle for representing such subjective states, not just in a representative, symbolic way but in a literal recording of reality – albeit a reality unique to the subject.

Biographical statement: Samantha Moore is senior lecturer in animation at the University of Wolverhampton, UK and is a member of CADRE (The Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation). She is an animated documentary maker; An Eyeful of Sound (2010), The Beloved Ones (2007), doubled up (2004) and Success with Sweet Peas (2003). Her work has been screened and won awards internationally. She has written about animated documentary for various journals, co-authored a book chapter and given papers and talks at several conferences about her work on synaesthesia and animation.